Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics


Training and Education

Training and Education


Big Data Strategy

Big Data Strategy


Predictive Analytics

In our world with the Internet of Everything, businesses of every breed deal with mountains of ever changing data on a daily basis. Many enterprises and entrepreneurs are on the cusp of a sea change in their research, operations and development, yet constrained by the lack of experienced and knowledgeable people with the fundamental skills to gain insight from the veracity in their data. This data can be the lifeblood of an organization if it is handled and understood properly. Frequently, such large, complex data sets are unmanageable via traditional tools leaving businesses without ability to take advantage of data insights. Simply plotting curves in a spreadsheet or looking at the dashboard trend often do not yield actionable business insight. Often time businesses confuse reporting with analysis and fail to move beyond just providing information about past events and fail to utilize analytics for competitive advantage and innovation. The complexity of the relationships contained within the data is such that the critical relationships cannot be gleaned simply by human eye inspection. A deeper exploration of the underlying data is needed to convert information into meaningful and actionable insights.

Predictive analytics is the discipline used to extract and harness the precious insight buried in enormous and/or multi-dimensional data sets. A variety of tools have been developed to aid in the analysis of large data sets, however, the proper application of such tools is not necessarily straightforward. Data Insight Discovery (DID) has extensive experience with the application of predictive analytic techniques across a broad spectrum of application domains – from product marketing and social media analytics and from industrial manufacturing processes to medical claims fraud, and beyond. DID can help grow your business from operational data reporting to actionable insight focused on customers and innovations. From selecting tools best suited to your multi-dimensional data sets, data preparation and cleaning to providing insight and effectively communicating it to business owners – we assist you through the entire process of predictive analytics while, at the same time, building your team’s capabilities. DID services extend far beyond providing linear or logical regression models and include:

  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Marketing Mix Models
  • Data Visualization Models
  • R-Language Models and Techniques
  • Factor Analysis
  • Customer and Marketing Analytics
    • Customer Portfolio Optimization
    • Consumer and Market Risk Analysis
    • Social Media Brand Analysis
    • Consumer and Market Risk Analysis
    • Personalization and Recommendations
    • Churn Prediction
    • Ad/offer targeting
  • Preventive Analytics
    • Preventive Maintenance Optimization
    • Fraud Detection System
    • Early Warning Analytics
    • Sales Pipeline Revenue Forecasting
  • Supply Chain Optimization
    • Logistics Network Optimization
  • Program and Project Management


Training and Education

“Big Data” is a term that is used loosely and frequently when discussing data science, but few truly understand the meaning and implications of the phrase. Gaining a clear understanding of what data science can do for your company is a crucial step to success in the modern marketplace.  Data Insight Discovery (DID) has extensive data science training and education programs for every level and role in your organization from technical data gurus to C-level executives and everyone in between. DID offers a rich curriculum that can be customized for your company’s specific needs where necessary.  We can provide both on-site and off-site training for any number of individuals. Our training program includes:

  • Building data and insight driven organizations
  • Survey of data mining and predictive analytics tools
  • Data Mining
  • Effective data preparation
  • Predictive modeling, descriptive modeling and decision modeling
  • Advance modeling, deploying and refining predictive models
  • Data visualization

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Big Data Strategy

Collecting, storing and managing large data collections can be a daunting task.  The design and creation of a complete storage system should be undertaken carefully and deliberately to optimize its efficiency and longevity.  Data Insight Discovery has business experience performing predictive analytics on enormous data sets on a myriad of client and 3rd party managed storage platforms and databases.  As a result, DID can provide insight into aspects of data storage infrastructure that are critical for efficiency and maximum performance.  DID can help your system architects design a platform that is optimally tuned for predictive analytics usage.

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What Makes Us Special


Analytical techniques

Data Insight Discovery has decades of experience with the rigorous analytical and statistical techniques that are required to do predictive analytics properly. There are a myriad of techniques – from decision trees, artificial neural networks, support vector machines to forecasting and time series analysis, etc. – each has specific strengths and weaknesses. DID’s depth of experience allows us to apply the optimal approach(es) to your specific problem(s).

Tools and platforms

Data Insight Discovery has decades of experience with all the major tools and platforms in the predictive analytics domain.  Weather your organization already utilizes enterprise level CRM, analytics and BI tools, open source tools like R, Python, Weka, Rapid Miner, Knime, Hadoop, Spark, etc. or looking for the best tool to solve your problems – we can help! Our team has extensive knowledge and experience with the tools available on the market.

We are teachers

The old adage “You don’t know it until you have taught it” rings true. One facet of Data Insight Discovery’s business is performing analytical work, while another is teaching people how to use those very same techniques. Our experience in both the classroom and boardroom means we can explain our proposals, methods and results in plain English.

Domain knowledge

Data Insight Discovery has extensive experience across a wide range of application domains, including marketing, large scale infrastructure, green energy, professional sports and fraud detection – to name a few. While many domains share some common properties, each domain poses unique problems and is expressed with specific jargon. DID’s broad domain knowledge means we may already be familiar with your class of problem, and already speak your language.

Data prep and cleaning

Having a raw data set is a start, but the data needs to be prepared or “cleaned” before predictive analytical techniques can be applied properly.  Cleaning a data set involves knowledge of both the application domain and the analytical techniques that will be applied.  Our team’s experience and expertise makes Data Insight Discovery uniquely qualified to understand your application.  Therefore, we are optimally positioned to prepare your data, or advise you in your own process.

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.

    – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes