Data Insight Discovery, Inc. (DID) was founded in 2014 by Dr. Natasha Balac to meet the expanding and evolving needs of businesses in the field of predictive analytics and data mining.  We live in a world where, nearly without exception, every business in every industry is seeing the amount and diversity of data available to their business explode.  This leads to a true paradigm shift, and opportunities to improve both businesses operations and customer relations. Now more than ever, the ability to properly harness and discover insight from data is key to gaining and holding competitive advantage. The field of predictive analytics is still relatively nascent; most enterprises do not have the human capital with the full range of required skills and knowledge in house. DID was launched to help clients fill those gaps, either by providing services directly, or engaging with clients through education and training to home-grow their own expertise.

DID provides a wide range of services to a wide range of clients including:

  • Delivery logistics optimization for a Fortune 100 beverage company
  • Predictive maintenance optimization for a $10B+ gas distribution company
  • Strategic Big Data and IT development plan for a major metropolitan airport with over 20 million annual passengers
  • Data architecture design / optimization and application of predictive analytics to marketing for a gas and electric utility serving over 3.3 million consumers
  • Training and education for a major multi-national internet and media group
  • Failure prediction for high value capital equipment for a multi-national high-tech manufacturer with annual revenues in excess of $7.5B

DID is a certified Women Owned Business Entity (WBE) with the Supplier Clearinghouse,  a Disadvantaged Business Entity (DBE) with the California Unified Certification Program (CUCP) and qualifies as a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

DID donates a portion of its earnings to charity.

The DID Team